Physgun Features

Server Management Panel SERVG.RUN

Easily manage your game server with our feature-rich game panel. Our features make server management easier and more enjoyable!

Rich Functionality

Our panel is built on Pterodactyl and includes useful features such as: automatic backups, cloud backups and restart scheduling, mod and plugin installer for popular games, quick world wipes, and much more.

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Hello! Привет! Привіт! Cześć!

Currently, we support 4 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish. We are confident that when we have players from other countries, we will speak their language.

Server Console

SERVG.RUN displays real-time console information. Check RAM and disk usage. Is the server running low on resources? The panel will alert you. Start, restart, stop the server. Send server logs with one click!

Rust Plugins

Install the most popular uMod plugins for your Rust server. 1500+ plugins are waiting for you.

Minecraft Versions

Vanilla? Spigot? Paper? Or maybe Bungeecord? 15 different Minecraft versions are ready to launch right now.

Minecraft Plugins

Or perhaps Minecraft plugins? Customize your server with pre-made Minecraft plugins. Click-click and the server is configured.

Server Firewall

Need to block a player's IP? No problem, with our firewall it's quick and easy. Just specify their IP address and they will be blocked. Unblocking is just as simple.

Server Import

Need to transfer a server to us? It's very simple. Thanks to the server import feature, just enter the data from your previous server, and we'll take care of the rest.

Continuously Adding New Features

Game server hosting starts from $6.00