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per month, starting at $18.00

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee within 3 days! This guarantee applies to one service per client for the lifetime of their account. Not available for the 3-day plan.

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3-Day Plan for Gaming with Friends

If you need a server just for competitions or a small fun game with friends, you can purchase a convenient 3-day plan.

Get a Powerful and Reliable Game Server

FTP and MySQL Database

FTP and MySQL Database

You get free access to FTP and MySQL database.

Immediately online

Immediate Online

Your server is available for connection within 5 minutes.

Backup storage space

Backup Space

Unlimited space for backing up your saved games and configurations.


Powerful New Gaming Hardware

Server hardware with the latest NVMe SSD drives.

FTP and MySQL Database

Reliable DDoS Protection

By default, every server is protected against this type of malicious activity.

Immediately online

No Limits on Game Server Slots

Many other companies charge extra for slots/CPU. We don't limit slots and CPU for our game servers.


  • Europe
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

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DDoS Protection

Do you provide backups and how to create them?

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We are here to help. Don't hesitate, write to us, and we'll solve everything.


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In this unique game, you won't find markers on the map, daily tasks, or leaderboards. Here, each player creates their own story. Embark on Chernarus—a post-Soviet state spanning 230 square kilometers that has fallen victim to an unknown virus, turning much of its population into ravenous infected.

Your task is to survive in the midst of a complete collapse of civilization. And remember, Chernarus doesn't forgive mistakes, and death here is no mere trick. When everything starts anew, all you have left are memories of what could have been your fatal mistake. Are you ready for the ruthless world of Chernarus?

Immerse yourself in the survival atmosphere with a dedicated DayZ server from SERV.GAMES. Build your shelter, team up with friends, and overcome the challenges of the zombie apocalypse. Rent your server and start your survival journey now!