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per month, starting at $12.00

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee within 3 days! This guarantee applies to one service per client for the lifetime of their account. Not available for the 3-day plan.

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3-Day Plan for Gaming with Friends

If you need a server just for competitions or a small fun game with friends, you can purchase a convenient 3-day plan.

Get a Powerful and Reliable Game Server

FTP and MySQL Database

FTP and MySQL Database

You get free access to FTP and MySQL database.

Immediately online

Immediate Online

Your server is available for connection within 5 minutes.

Backup storage space

Backup Space

Unlimited space for backing up your saved games and configurations.


Powerful New Gaming Hardware

Server hardware with the latest NVMe SSD drives.

FTP and MySQL Database

Reliable DDoS Protection

By default, every server is protected against this type of malicious activity.

Immediately online

No Limits on Game Server Slots

Many other companies charge extra for slots/CPU. We don't limit slots and CPU for our game servers.


  • Europe
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

How to install mods?

DDoS Protection

Do you provide backups and how to create them?

How to get support?


Have questions?

We are here to help. Don't hesitate, write to us, and we'll solve everything.


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Welcome to the amazing world of creatures - Pals! Palworld is a vast world where you collect Pals, send them into battles and work at factories, build buildings, and grow plantations in this brand new open-world survival simulator with multiplayer support.

Develop your Pals, create thriving settlements, explore amazing corners of the world, and interact with other players in this exciting survival simulator. Are you ready to create your unique world with Pals?

Are you ready to create your own thriving settlement in the world of Palworld? Rent a server now and start your journey in this exciting survival simulator. SERV.GAMES will help you create the perfect gaming space for your adventures with Pals.